I was told the one for that coil that kicks on could be bad which would make fan not work becsuse its not getting the right signal. We have UPS Ground, Next Day Air Saver, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select and UPS Sure Post shipping options in our shopping cart. I have rotting landscape timbers right now in my back yard. Upon installation, I got the recurring nine blinking lights error code which means reverse polarity problem or control board not grounded. This could be 24 volt power or 110 volt power. The current decibel reading when running 70-78. Hi! The outside lines get ice on them, I replace batteries wait a few minutes then turn to auto and both come on and work fine. Sorry to hear this happened. This sounds like the furnace blower might be too strong for the air conditioner that was installed. I would suggest that you inspect the thermostat wires. You should have 24 to 28 volts AC between the two wires. Thank you. Havc 2nd visit tech did not have a clue what was causing the problem. I’ll keep poking away. The control box was off, so that is ok. If you want to send me the unit’s product number I will try and look up the part number for the relay. Apparently, the polarity of the new, upgraded control board is reverse (in polarity) in design from the OEM control board. The white wire off the W or W1 connection of your thermostat should be energizing the electric heat when the thermostat is calling for heat. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I am so very sorry to hear that someone did bad work which resulted in your heat pump failure with lots of lost money, heat and air conditioning! Did I fry the motor? Hi JS! What could be the problem? I know exactly what you are talking about on the warning not to turn your air conditioner on for 3 hours after the power has been off for more than 3 hours. The level of the water should no be higher than the center of the T otherwise the switch activates and shuts down your AC. The unit outside isn’t frozen up from the looks of it. Hi Ms. Weaver! When the blower does not come on you will need to tape the blower door safety switch closed so you can test the furnace with the power on. Hello. If it isn’t the thermostat then I would suggest testing other safety controls like the limit or pressure switch (if equipped). Glad to hear that you found the problem in either the motor or the capacitor. I think it is because my furnace … Please make sure that your filter, blower wheel and evaporator coil are clean. Find a local hvac school. I hope that it is only the control board. If the refrigerant has acid in it the technician has to pay for the refrigerant to be processed. I would suggest the next time the outdoor unit comes on when it is not supposed to that you test with a volt meter set to “volts AC” between the C (com) and Y (usually a yellow wire) on your furnace or air handlers control board. Please click here to see the SPP6 compressor hard start booster, Thought you’d be interested. I took panel off to see if I could see anything . Steve, I have a rheem gas furnace/AC unit . Troubleshooting type questions would also be appreciated. They look identical except that my current gas valve has a flex tube leading to the pressure switch. Hi Victor! The only other reason that I can see that would cause this problem would be if the control board is wired wrong, or if you have a faulty control board. Learn. Hi Mike! Check to see if you are getting 110 to 125 volts AC to the blower motor when the thermostat is calling for cooling. Hi, I have a strange issue that you may have addressed above but it doesnt match to any Q&A 100%. Yes, you can run the heater, but I would not recommend running the outdoor unit at all. Steve. I would ask my local HVAC guy but he didn’t respond to two calls. This sounds like your air conditioning/heat pump system is low on refrigerant charge. By using these free ASE test questions and study guides, you’ll know where to focus on your Heating & Air Conditioning knowledge and know which study guides to review and practice. Sometimes inspection does not show the short and you would need to take the wires loose from both ends and test with an Ohm meter. Even with that the volt reads 27,28. It is code here in Louisville, KY. to have a heat gain and heat loss calculation submitted to the housing department before they will issue a permit. Thanks for your response. Something has to be messed up for the unit not to cool properly and for only 3 of the vents to be blowing cold air. I had a contactor come out and they said they are unable to widen the access door because it would require cutting one of the trusts that are holding up my roof. Sorry you are having problems! [Note: I wish there was a way I could upload photos because they all took photos, so I have some good ones]. hey I have a ruud heat pump with auxiliary heat strips. Air Conditioning Quiz Questions Answers 5 ) Search for: Related Pages. Or would you suspect something else? This past weekend I changed the temp on my thermostat from 74 to 78 and I heard the unit turn off. We can’t go below 78 or it seems to blow not hot air but not cold either. These questions ask you to describe events or tasks you’ve completed at other jobs. The fan does not turn on. (4) A foreign object could be stuck in the blower wheel causing it to be off-balance. Hi Mike! – Sam, Hi Sam! Not enough refrigerant in the system. What Is Air Conditioners? The circuit breakers are all ok. Is there a fuse tripped somewhere? If you are not getting 24 volts between R & C then you must have a transformer problem or a blown low voltage fuse on the board. AC man came out today and talked to my wife, he claims we lose power to the furnace because the outside unit overheats. Since the renovations were completed, we never tested the air conditioning until now, when it is 97 degrees here, and come to realize that the fan turns on when we set the thermostat and blows air, but the AC unit does not turn on. Heat Transfer Quiz Questions ; Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz ... Condenser Basics Quiz Questions; Boiler Basics Quiz; HVAC Heating Basics Test 1; HVAC Heating Basics Test 2; Cooling Towers Quiz Questions; Cooling Towers Quiz Questions 2; I also began to notice a burning smell. Notify me of new posts by email. Study Flashcards On HVAC Practice Test Questions at Cram.com. I hope this answers your question. Can you please answer this question for me? We have a troubleshooting flow chart that I hope will help you out on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/furnace-trouble-shooting-flow-chart/ I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I vacuumed and rubbed and polished and wiped down the thermal-couple , put it all back together and it worked . When I installed my own furnace and AC at my home I paid to get a permit so there will be no questions asked when I want to sell our home in the future. Before you call someone to check the charge on your system I would make sure the filter is clean. I can turn the unit off for a few seconds and then back on and sometimes the compressor will kick on right away and sometimes it wont. Today while putting on the jumper cable I accidentally touched something ( I don’t know what) and there was a spark, something shorted out and there now seems to be no power going to the motor. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. If you are getting 24 volts between G and C and the blower motor is not coming on then I would test the low voltage going into the fan relay. This could also be a fan motor problem where the motor bearings are getting tight and the fan motor is over-heating. I hope someone will see your question and advise. I heard the AC Renew is good to prevent the TXV Valve from having problems, but I believe once there is a problem with the TXV then it is must be replaced to cure the problem. Hi! I would make sure they at least replace your compressor with a compatible scroll compressor. I’ve been trying to determine the cause and maybe fix it before my appointment (money saver). It’s blowing fine, just louder than it was last year. Could the igniter be showing within range and still be problematic. If the motor is pretty hot you might have a blower motor problem (might need a new motor) or the motor might need a new run capacitor. I just can’t imagine using wood instead of concrete block. Most heat pumps energize the reversing valve in the cooling mode. Local HVAC companies are trying to charge me 8K+ to replace the entire a/c. Or do you know of any other options? I have seen weak transformers, weak batteries in a thermostat and shorted thermostat wires cause this problem. I guess my next step would be to disconnect all thermostat wires from the board and do a continuity check. HVAC Test Questions. If it was my home I would prefer a concrete pad just because of the looks. While designing the cooling load calculations maximum outdoor summer temperature is considered: The ventilation requirements for a given structure or space are based on which of the following: According to ASHRAE, the outside fresh air requirement for both residencies and apartments ranges from: While calculating the cooling load estimate for a house, each person is given an allowance of _____: Which of the following cooling methods are generally found in large commercial and industrial applications: Evaporative cooling system cools the indoor air by lowering its dry bulb temperature: In Cold water coil cooling system the discharge water is approximately _______ warmer than the supply water: try { You should be able to find a coil replacement given the measurements of the old coil and the BTU. Thank you Steve, the HVAC took the batteries out because they “weren’t need” anyway, my background is HVAC that’s what I did when I was in the military, but haven’t dealt with it for a few years. Anyway, I’ve found out that nothing is working (AC, Fan and Heat). If your utility company is cycling your AC off and on every 15 minutes then this seems like it would be going against what they are trying to accomplish which is reduce the load on electrical usage and to reduce the strain on the utility company’s equipment. How can I run the fan at max speed while circulating hot water? I will try to make a recommendation if you think the motor bearings are going out. does it even pass 24 volts to the contactor,?? I hope that I have helped answer your question. I would suggest checking your low voltage at the control board. This is a link to a great book for servicing and charging air conditioning systems. If the refrigerant is good then many times the technician will receive money for the refrigerant. I’m from Portland OR where the humidity is fairly high in the winter…, Bryant Carrier 3 Wire Pilot Burner Problem Resolved. I think I’m going to call in a professional at this point for some diagnosis. Steve. My furnace still locks out occasionally. (4) G (green) going to the fan relay on the indoor air handler (5) W (white) going to the first stage electric heat or auxiliary heat. I disconnect the power and saw the burned and stuck down contactor. If the compressor does not start working right again then you will need a new compressor. The liquid inside the compressor can cause the valves inside the compressor to become bent and not sell anymore. Browse from thousands of HVAC questions and answers (Q&A). I would suggest having the capacitor tested to make sure it is in good condition. I was told to check the sequencers, one might be stuck. I was told it was a 50-50 decision on my part to either repair or replace. Hi Jose! Maybe one of the relays inside the thermostat are arcing and causing the high battery draw. Most people do not abide by this, but if you want to make sure you do not damage your compressor it would be a good idea to wait the 3 hours. Thanks Joe! the most important part of the question. We have lots links to troubleshooting with videos on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/troubleshooting/ Steve. Another source states that to evacuate the refrigerant the unit should be running. I just replaced the motherboard. Are you all steamed up because your air conditioner is on the fritz? When I hear about 3 wires red, black and white I think you might have 220 volts. I am surprised your unit has not blown up! I just replaced it again with the second one. You should be getting 24 to 28 volts AC between the R and C (com) terminals on the control board. Everything seemed to be worked fine but a few minutes later the air flow slowed down and it was blowing cool air. If you do not then you have a thermostat problem or a thermostat wire problem. Could I go ahead and use the gas valve without the flex hose or should I scrounge the internet for my original gas valve? This can cause the compressor to run high head pressure, over-heat and turn off and on while you are away on thermal over-load. After the first 3-4 weeks we began having problems with the outside fan and unit shutting down. Will there be issues with my unit if I don’t change it? Comment. Please check and make sure all your low voltage thermostat wire connections are good and tight.