Volgotanker's alleged failure to contain the spill resulted in the Arkhangelsk Oblast authorities shutting down the oil transfer operation with only 220,000 tonnes exported. According to the Soviet account, in 1932 when Anastas Mikoyan visited the Belomorstroy construction site, Lazar Kogan asked, "Comrade Mikoyan, what shall we call them? [13] Although prison labor camps were usually kept secret, the White Sea Canal was a propaganda showcase of convicts "reforging" themselves in useful labor (Soviet concept of perekovka, reforging or rehabilitation). Speed is limited to 8 km/h (4.3 kn; 5.0 mph) in all artificial portions. The White Sea (Russian: Белое море, Béloye móre; Karelian and Finnish: Vienanmeri, lit. [37][38] Edit. The inflow of fresh water in spring decreases the surface salinity in the top 5–10-metre layer to 23‰ (parts per thousand) in the eastern and 26–27‰ in the western parts of the sea, reaching 10–12‰ in Dvina Bay; it also increases the content of silicon and silicates in water, which is a characteristic feature of the White Sea. The total length of the waterway is 227 km (141 mi), of which 48 km (30 mi) are man-made. [1][3], In winter, from October–November to May–June, the sea freezes, with the average January water temperatures of −1.9 °C in the north, between −1.3 and −1.7 °С in the centre, and between −0.5 and −0.7 °С in the bays. The White Sea contains a large number of islands, but most of them are small. What do you think?" Genrikh Yagoda, Deputy Chairman of the OGPU, as well as Berman, Firin, Kogan, and Rappoport were awarded medals for the completion of the canal by the Politburo on July 15, 1933.[18]. It faithfully follows the overall plot of the original short story and is also largely faithful to the spirit of Kipling's tale, although it does not always follow it to the absolute letter. Director Chuck Jones adapted "The White Seal" for American television as a 24-minute animated film. After many years of interruption, Volgotanker resumed the canal route in 2003. There are … Proper noun . [28], The canal makes it possible to ship heavy and bulky items from Russia's industrial centers to the White Sea, and then by sea-going vessels to Siberia's northern ports. A carefully prepared visit in August 1933 to the White Sea–Baltic Canal may have hidden the worst of the brutality from a group of 120 Russian writers and artists, the so-called Writers Brigade, including Maxim Gorky, Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Viktor Shklovsky, and Mikhail Zoshchenko, who compiled a work in praise of the project, the 600-page The I.V. The main island group is the Solovetsky Islands, located almost in the middle of the sea, near the entrance to Onega Bay. Its mouth is located in the Mezen Bay of the White Sea. The ships of Willoughby were separated and the other two were lost at sea, but Edward Bonaventure managed to pass the White Sea and reach Kholmogory, from where Chancellor was escorted to Moscow to meet the Russian Tsar, Ivan IV. (…) I thought up the word: 'kanaloarmeyets'. It is surrounded by Karelia to the west, the Kola Peninsula to the north, and the Kanin Peninsula to the northeast. [3], Residents of Novgorod knew of the White Sea from at least the 11th century and rapidly explored its commercial significance for navigation and its coastal forests rich in fur animals. The following illustration depicts the profile of the White Sea–Baltic Canal. White Sea. The northern part is warmer at about −9 °C, sometimes reaching −6 °C, due to the warm air masses from the Atlantic. The vertical axis is the elevation of the canal segments above mean sea level. Category page. [2][3] The exchange is however assisted by the tides, which are semidiurnal (rising twice a day), with the amplitude increasing from 1 metre on the south to 10 metres in Mezen Bay. After the canal had been completed and opened for navigation, the Belbaltlag (White Sea-Baltic Camp) was reorganized into the White Sea-Baltic Combine (Baltiysko-Belomorsky Kombinat [BBK]), still within the NKVD system, by an order of the Council of People's Commissars of August 17, 1933. It is surrounded by Karelia to the west, the Kola Peninsula to the north, and the Kanin Peninsula to the northeast. At other times these teams were pitted to compete against each other in surpassing the norms, and promises were made of shortened sentences, food and cash bonuses for the champions. In November, a caravan of passenger vessels evacuating families of Povenets canal workers and residents, along with equipment, froze into the ice of Lake Vygozero. White Sea. The canal empties out into the Soroka Bay of the White Sea at Belomorsk. Thus the workers and engineers were never allowed the time, money or equipment necessary to build a canal that would be deep enough and safe enough to carry twentieth-century cargoes; consequently, the canal has never played any significant role in Soviet commerce or industry.[15]. The White Sea is one of the three great seas on Eo. It is on the northwest coast of Russia. 1 to 7). It is surrounded by Karelia to the west, the Kola Peninsula to the north, and the Kanin Peninsula to the northeast. This depth typically corresponds to river craft with deadweight cargo up to 600 tonnes, while useful sea going vessels of 2,000–3,000 dwt typically have drafts of 4.5–6 m (15–20 ft). The Combine was charged with operating the canal and managing the economic development of the adjacent areas, including 2.8 million hectares of forest lands and the industrial facilities that had been constructed along the route. The White Sea is a southern inlet of the Barents Sea. Povenets, which had been demoted from a town to a village in the 1920s, now became a town again, and a large port. Once in Lake Onega, ships can exit the southwest shore through the Svir River (and its two locks) to reach Lake Ladoga and then proceed down the Neva River to Saint Petersburg and the Baltic Sea. On the east side of the 'gorlo', opposite to the Kola Peninsula, is Mezen Bay. Its construction was completed four months ahead of schedule, though it was entirely too shallow for the planned use. [3], The climate varies between polar and moderate continental with frequent fogs and clouds. With Germany's full-scale invasion of the USSR in 1941, supported by Finland in the Continuation War, the canal route became the front line. Morgan Grace Kibby (born May 3, 1984), also known by the stage name White Sea, is an American actress, singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Kiy Island in Onega Bay is significant due to a historic monastery. [31], Russian (and later Soviet) naval strategists long believed that a well-designed canal system could help establish contact among the separate fleets based on Russia's Black Sea, Baltic, Arctic, Pacific, and Caspian coasts. White Sea. The canal begins near Povenets settlement in Povenets bay of Lake Onega. During the reconstruction, the guaranteed depth of the fairway was increased to 4 meters, and the channel became part of the Unified Deep Water System of European Russia. 4 and 20 had all been demolished. [5][9], Between the 15th and early 18th centuries, the White Sea served as the major trade route in and out of Russia. On December 6 in a -37 °C frost, Finnish troops captured Povenets, the southern entrance to the BBK. The workforce was organized into brigades of 25–30, which made up phalanges of 250–300. Another upgrade took place in the 1970s. [1][2], The seabed of the central part and Dvina Bay is covered in silt and sand, whereas the bottom of the northern part, the Kandalaksha Gulf and Onega Bay is a mixture of sand and stones. [3], Rivers bring annually about 215 km3 of fresh water, on average, mostly to the Onega, Mezen and Dvina bays. It is ruled by Ranjou. A sea to the northwest of Russia. Senkevich (Э. И. Сенкевич), chief of WSBC, November 16, 1931 – January 16, 1932, also assistant chief of the BBK Construction Directorate. The island of Novy Odense was found here. Сталинские стройки ГУЛАГа.1930–53», Москва, 2005. The White Sea (Standard Alemannic: Weiße See) is a body of water located in the Northeast of Asura, east of the Alemannic peninsula.It is a marginal sea of the Opal Ocean, enclosed by Mascylla, Vynozhia, and Leiden.The sea stretches from x to x lantitude and from x and x longitude. The par time defined in MAPINFO is 4:00. On June 23, 1941, the day after the German invasion, 16 Finnish commandos were ferried to the canal by two German Heinkel He 115 seaplanes from Oulujärvi. Winds are nearly constant in the White Sea. [32] The White Sea Canal was also constructed with this military use in mind,[33] [24], A major part of the Combine's workforce consisted of 75-85 thousand Beltbaltlag prisoners. Despite being frozen in winter, the sea remains navigable all year around because of deployment of icebreakers. (Беломорско-Онежское государственное бассейновое управление водных путей и судоходства), which is also responsible for shipping on Lake Onega and in the Belomorsk harbor area (but not in the open waters of the White Sea). About 40% of this volume is brought during the snow melting in May, and the inflow is minimal in February–March. The route of the BBK had become the front line, separating the Finnish troops on the canal's western bank from the Soviet forces on its eastern bank. [39], Since then, the canal has been regularly used for delivering submarines by transporter dock from the Baltic Shipyard and Krasnoye Sormovo to Sevmash for completion. History. (История Карелии с древнейших времён до наших дней / Науч. Also, the Onega Bay has many small underwater elevations. At least 12,000 workers died during the building process, according to the official records,[4] while Anne Applebaum's estimate is 25,000 deaths,[5] and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn estimated up to 250,000 deaths.[21]. The canal project also gave the Russian language the slang word "zeka", "zek, z/k" for "inmate". The station was founded by a group of biologists from the university in 1938. The par time defined in MAPINFO is 4:00. From the 1920s, most northern Russian sea shipments diverted from the White Sea to the new port of Murmansk (officially founded in 1916), where the waters did not freeze in winter. While the posting stymies any chance of Ryan acting on his growing feelings for Bird , the two manage to maintain a genuine platonic friendship, which sees them lean on each other for emotional support. Supposedly "reforging class enemies" (political prisoners) through "corrective labor", the working conditions at the BBK Camp were brutal, with the prisoners given only primitive hand tools to carry out the massive construction project. The main island group is the Solovetsky Islands, located almost in the middle of the sea, near the entrance to Onega Bay. It was designed by BigMemka and uses the music track " ". is the lower part of sky ocean, located 7000 meters above the Blue Sea, comprised of Sea Cloud. The commandos were Finnish volunteers recruited by the German Major Schaller, and were equipped with German uniforms and weapons, as the Finnish General Staff wanted no responsibility for the operation. During the 2007 season, the canal carried 0.4 million tonnes of cargo along with 2,500 passengers. The cartoon was first shown on CBS on March 24, 1975 and was also released theatrically. Summers are cold, cloudy and relatively humid, with northeastern winds and frequent rains. The Kuloy (Russian: Кулой) is a river in Pinezhsky and Mezensky Districts of Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia.Its mouth is located in the Mezen Bay of the White Sea.It is 235 kilometres (146 mi) long, and the area of its basin 19,000 square kilometres (7,300 sq mi). On the night of November 12/13, another boat caravan froze in Zaonezhsky Bay near Megostrov Island, and was later captured by Finnish troops. It was designed by BigMemka and uses the music track " ". The station was founded by a group of biologists from the university in 1938. [41], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}62°48′N 34°48′E / 62.800°N 34.800°E / 62.800; 34.800, Profile of the canal showing the locks and elevation, Беломорско-Балтийский канал имени Сталина, Сроки работы шлюзов (Lock operation periods), from the site of the Russian Shipping Companies' Association. The Baltic Sea, in turn, is connected by the Volga–Baltic Waterway to the Volga River, Black, Caspian, and Azov seas. After the successful construction, 12,484 prisoners were freed as reward, and for 59,516 prison terms were shortened. These bays connect with the funnel-shaped opening to the Barents Sea via a narrow strait called "Gorlo" (Russian: Горло, meaning "throat"). The White Sea–Baltic Canal (Russian: Беломо́рско-Балти́йский кана́л, Byelomorsko-Baltiyskiy kanal, BBK), often abbreviated to White Sea Canal (Belomorkanal) is a ship canal in Russia opened on Wednesday 2 August 1933. It also had strange, rubbery clouds that bounce objects off of them and can be used as trampolines for those who are creative. All of the White Sea is under Russian control and considered to be part of … Ice thickness is usually about 40 cm but may reach 150 cm in cold winters. This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total. It is surrounded by Karelia to the west, the Kola Peninsula to the north, and the Kanin Peninsula to the northeast. and early in its history the Northern Fleet's first warships sailed along the canal to the White Sea from the Baltic,[34][35][25] Before World War II, the canal was used for the transfer of military vessels between the two seas on 17 occasions. The White Sea is the vast ocean to the West of Adarai, separating it from The Lands That Once Were. Muldrow, a WWII gunner, shot down over Tokyo, does whatever is necessary to survive; he is a man apart, thrown into a foreign land, … The latter term coined in an analogy with the words "krasnoarmeyets" meaning "member of the Red Army" or trudarmeyets (member of a labor army). [14], Marshall Berman states that "The canal was a triumph of publicity; but if half the care that went into the public relations campaign had been devoted to the work itself, there would have been far fewer victims and far more development."[15]. When Lee Scoresby was flying towards the island, he came out of a rainstorm over this … This role decreased later after the foundation of Saint Petersburg (1703), which opened a more direct ice-free connection between Russia and the bulk of Western Europe via the Baltic Sea. [1] The tidal waves are much faster than the regular currents and reach the speeds of 9 km/h in Mezen Bay, 3.6 km/h in Onega Bay and 1.3 km/h in the Kandalaksha Gulf. The White Sea, at times considered the lowest part of the cloud ocean, is a gigantic ocean spanning the entirety of the world. She has fronted The … On August 28, the fifth and final bombing raid of the 1941 navigation season took place against Lock No. "To the White Sea is a gripping adventure narrative that melds exacting, breakneck prose and true poetic imagination in the creation of an portrait, painted with the fierce and vivid reality of an unforgettable nightmare." This page is based on the Wikipedia article. The White Sea (白海, Haku-kai?) The coasts around the white sea has some of the oldest settlements in the world, For an example Shirando and Acrium. The White Sea–Baltic Canal links it through Lake Onega to the Baltic Sea and the major city and port of Saint Petersburg. After Povenets there are seven locks close together, forming the "Stairs of Povenets". For example, at the exit from Dvina Bay, water temperature drops to 0 °C at the depth of only 12–15 m, but the same temperature is reached at 65 m at the exit from the Kandalaksha Gulf. Translations . The White Sea Sept is a Russian caern of the Children of Gaia. Soviet sappers blew up Lock No. The canal was the first major project constructed in the Soviet Union using forced labor. The White Sea Flotilla was reestablished under the fleet in December 1945 and the White Sea Naval Base in December 1956. After Finland left the war in September 1944, the damage to the canal, including the complete destruction of its southern section and the town of Povenets and damage to lighthouses and other structures, was repaired. [40], The canal system includes five hydroelectric power plants with total production capacity of 240 MW.[28]. One of the original members of this group, Nikolai Pertsov (1924–1987), devoted his whole life to building the station and became its director in 1951. [1], The sea hosts more than 700 species of invertebrates, about 60 species of fish, and five species of marine mammals, including friendly beluga, the white whale. Until 1961, its original name was the Stalin White Sea–Baltic Canal (Belomorsko-Baltiyskiy Kanal imeni Stalina). The White Sea Flotilla was reestablished under the fleet in December 1945 and the White Sea Naval Base in December 1956. In one of the most memorable scenes from the cartoon, Kotick saves the lives of a group of seals by temporarily frightening away a party of seal hunters who mi… [2], The White Sea is a water-filled depression in the block of a continental shelf known as the Baltic Shield. is the lower part of sky ocean, located 7000 meters above the Blue Sea, comprised of Sea Cloud.It also had strange, rubbery clouds that bounce objects off of them and can be used as trampolines for those who are creative. The workforce for the Canal was supplied by the Belbaltlag camp directorate (White Sea–Baltic Corrective Labor Camp Directorate, WSBC) of the OGPU GULAG. [28] It is now operated by the White Sea and Lake Onega Waterways and Shipping Administration White sea (until XVII century was also called Studenoye, Solovetskoe, Spokoynoe, or White creek) – an inland sea on the eastern part of Russia, belongs to the Arctic ocean. The White Sea Station was a naval station of the British Royal Navy headquartered at Archangel, Russian Empire from 1917 to 1919. The entire canal was constructed in twenty months, between 1931 and 1933, almost entirely by manual labor. On the south, Onega Bay receives the Onega River. Lock No. Rebuilding was completed by July 1946, with navigation through the canal restored on July 28, 1946. The station was commanded by the Rear-Admiral Commanding in the White Sea later the Senior Naval Officer, White Sea. Gorky, who had previously visited the Solovetski Islands labor camp in 1929 and written about it in the Soviet journal Our Accomplishments,[23] organized the White Sea trip, but did not himself join it. The Finns crossed the canal and captured Gabselga village to the east, but after a few days of fighting they were pushed back to the canal's western side. The White Sea is a big ocean located between Ipos and Adaes. Arctic anticyclones, however, change winds to the northeastern ones, bringing much colder weather with temperatures of about −25 °C. a sea to the northwest of Russia. Minimum lock dimensions are 14.3 m (47 ft) wide by 135 m (443 ft) long. [24], Until 1936, all financial transactions of the Combine were exempt from taxes and duties.[24]. the White Sea. The commandos were to blow up the canal locks, but they failed due to heightened security.[26]. Once the locks of the Povenets Ladder had been destroyed, water from the watershed lakes poured freely into Lake Onega through Povenets village, which was nearly completely destroyed by the flood. The horizontal axis is the length of the canal. [7][8], Dutch ships soon followed the English, and the port of Kholmogory became busy with shipments of fur and fish. The major port of Arkhangelsk is located on the White Sea. This hinders water exchange between the White and Barents seas. It is currently ruled by Kouko. The White Sea was a sea in Lyra's world. [4], There are four main bays or gulfs on the White Sea. It borders Fiara in the South, Ineneland in the West and Godland in the East. For the navigation seasons of 2008 to 2010, the canal locks were scheduled to operate from 20 May to 15–30 October, giving 148–163 navigation days per year.[11]. [27] The canal gave its name to the Belomorkanal Soviet cigarette brand. Its economic advantages are limited by its minimal depth of 3.5 m (11.5 ft),[citation needed] inadequate for most sea-going vessels. Sai- The Kingdom of Sai is one of the four "middle" kingdoms the Twelve Kingdoms. The Northern Fleet was considered secondary to the Baltic and Black sea fleets until operational responsibility for the Atlantic Ocean was shifted in the 1950s because of more direct access. Local and foreign shops and factories were established in the city at that time. In addition to convicts and "special settlers", the Combine employed about 4500 free employees and a paramilitary security force. There is a monument at Povenets for the prisoners who perished during the construction, and a smaller memorial in Belomorsk near the White Sea end.

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