We do not provide replacement screws for frames other than rimless frames. However, some insurance companies will accept an invoice copy for reimbursement. Yes, we can fill prescriptions with prism correction in single-vision lenses only. Leave the other half in the NV-ADD. To see what content is allowed, please see our custom engraving guidelines here. Yes! The first numbers are typically the manufacturer’s style number and a color code. Live chat support 24/7. When you click on the Country drop-down window, you will see the list of countries. Click on the pair of glasses you wish you purchase. You bet you can! This are a few of my most recent glasses that i have purchased from Zenni Optical. If our inspection shows the glasses were made incorrectly, we will remake them for you at no charge. Plastic frames tend to be more durable. Yes, we offer itemized receipts. Your Rx, your PD, and a frame you have selected on our website. Lens Index is also related to the thickness of the lens. If you have ADD or NV-ADD on your Rx, you can get lined bifocals or unlined progressive glasses. The website makes it easier to order prescription eyeglasses and non-prescription glasses. Try before you buy withour virtual mirror. They are durable and darn cute. The eyeglasses, and any accessories, in the hard plastic case that contained the glasses. Yes! Rimless glasses are great for people who will treat their glasses delicately, and who want their glasses to be practically invisible on their face. Zenni Optical is built on the following principles; providing the most affordable glasses to people around the world, providing the highest quality lenses, making easy to order eyeglasses online and providing exceptional customer support as well as providing a safe shopping experience for all. These two boxes will be the only values you need to enter. Then go to Gift Card Status to see the balance. Its standard for eye protection, ANSI Z87. It ranges from 1 to 180. Check out our selection by clicking here. We reserve the right to refuse any submissions that may be considered offensive, including but not limited to: profanity, obscene words, or racially/ethnically degrading terms. All of our ASTM tested goggles are tagged as “Sport Protective”. Yes. Our ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses are made for working in an area that has particles, flying objects, or dust. The distinctive Zenni tortoise shell pattern has mottled amber, honey and brown shell spots. The higher the index, the thinner the lens will be. Just enter your own name and email address in the Recipient Name and Recipient Email fields, respectively. An exclusive collaboration with Claire and George Kittle. 2. Your prescription lenses will Most people have an astigmatism. OU: Latin for Oculus Uterque, meaning each eye. UV light is invisible to the human eye, but it is UV light that gives us a sunburn, and too much exposure to it can damage the eye. Ex. You may also have another field labeled as ADD which corrects for the reading power used in a bifocal or progressive lens. Yes! Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we've been committed to safety and customer satisfaction. The SPH number corrects for nearsighted [indicated with a minus (-)] or farsighted [indicated with a plus (+)] vision. Anyone who experiences foggy lenses can benefit from adding anti-fog coating to their glasses order. Hypoallergenic: Stainless steel, titanium, and acetate frames are hypoallergenic. Zenni Optical has a stock of a wide range of Jewelry & Watches items at an alluring price. It's that easy! Here is a list of some optical abbreviations that will help you order your glasses from Zenni Optical: ADD (also NV-ADD): the Near Vision (NV) Reading ADDition correction on a multifocal Rx. Zenni is not responsible for any data entry errors that you may have made when submitting your order information. PD (Pupillary Distance): the PD is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. Just call our Customer Service department, have an online chat with us, or email us, identifying your order number and frame model number. Our custom engraving feature can be added to many of our acetate and plastic frames as long as the temple arms are wide enough. Latin for "flat." The amount left on the card will be displayed. Check with your insurance company, and if they do, you can request an emailed invoice copy from our Customer Service department. You would apply it to the order during Checkout. Recharge your style with a classic look from yesterday that looks just as fresh today. With our 3D Virtual Try-On tool, you can upload a video of yourself to get a realistic 180-degree view of how a frame will look and fit on your face. Then order the next pair. If you order Rx sunglasses, you can get the lens with the index that is recommended for your Rx to keep your lenses nice, light and thin. We have videos that show how to swap lenses from one frame into another. We currently do not offer tinted, polarized, or photochromic lenses for Z87.1 safety glasses. Most of the frames on our website can be ordered as sunglasses, except for some sports or goggle frames. Zenni Optical is one of the few companies that owns their own factory. Check out what 112,722 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Do you agree with Zenni Optical’s star rating? You will receive a shipping confirmation email that will include a tracking number and tracking link of your specific shipper. This would indicate that with eyeglasses made to this Rx, the vision would be corrected to 20/20 vision. Learn more here about what index is best suited for your Rx, lifestyle, and frame selection. Can be used for bifocal or progressive glasses, or for single-vision reading or computer (intermediate) vision glasses. Go to your Account Overview, click "My TryOn" and then "CREATE NEW VIRTUAL TRY ON.". Many frames still come with retainer lenses (not of optical lens quality) to maintain frame integrity during shipping. Shop our special eyewear collections with fashion luminaries, celebrities, and sports stars. They may be removed if desired. CYL: the Cylinder. Sorry, we don't provide lens replacement. Divide the NV-ADD in half. On your choice frames for men, ladies and children at a sale, get up to 20% amazing discount with Zenni Optical Promo Code 2020 or coupon. Users may also contact us by writing to Zenni Optical, 448 Ignacio Blvd, #332, Novato, CA 94949. At Zenni, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable eyeglasses. https://www.zennioptical.com/clip-on-finder, https://www.zennioptical.com/blog/how-to-adapt-to-progressive-lenses, How to Measure your PD(Pupillary Distance), Choosing the Best Frames for Progressives, How to Replace Lenses in a Full-Rim Frame, How to Replace Lenses in a Half-Rim Frame, How to Order Prescription Mirrored Sunglasses. If you feel there has been a manufacturing error, please contact us for a return label and return authorization to return the glasses for inspection within the 30-day warranty period. An eye dr. may write DS on an Rx in the Cylinder (CYL) field if no astigmatism correction is needed. Once you have selected a frame, click “Order Glasses” and follow the below steps: 1. Here’s when you can expect your glasses to arrive from the company and how much it costs: sharyce bailey 1 review. After clicking on the Order glasses button, select Non-Prescription in the Prescription Type drop-down window. All of the lenses Zenni Optical offers come with 100 percent UV protection, for free. Metal tends to be lighter. To order a mirrored sunglass tint, you must first select a base tint. If you work in this type of environment, your employer may require you to wear ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses. Do you want a tint that is darker at the top, and gradually gets lighter towards the bottom?- We offer gradient tints in Gray, Amber, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink. Sky Blue mirror: Standard lens tint - Dark Gray or Green with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Gray or Green, or Polarized Gray. We offer both. minimize injuries from eye hazards. Your pupillary distance (PD) is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. U.S. 30% OFF at Zenni Optical can be obtained by you. 329 reviews for Zenni Optical, 3.8 stars: 'I have recently purchased 2 pairs of glasses to match a couple outfits, and most likely will buy more. Share Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp. *Note: Due to the wrap of the sport protective goggle frame, please add 2-3mm to the lens diameter of your current pair of glasses to find your best fit. Check our. (Excludes ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses and ASTM F803 Sports Protective Goggles purchases). PD is needed to determine where the optical center of the lens will be for clear, accurate vision. We're all guilty of quickly rubbing our glasses on our shirts or using paper towels to clean the lens. They are generally more durable than half-rim or rimless frames. It depends on the frame whether text or icons can be engraved, as well as placement options (inside the temple arm or outside). also be etched with “Zenni+” to designate the safety rating as required by ANSI. ELIGIBILITY: The Zenni Optical Refer-A-Friend Promotion (“Promotion”) is open to all Zenni Optical customers who are at least the age of majority (“Customers”). You can order different pairs of glasses for your whole family on one order, with all different prescriptions. Knowing these numbers can help you choose a frame similar in size when shopping. If our inspection shows the glasses were made incorrectly, we will remake them for you at no additional charge. If the order is canceled after 24 hours, then we will only offer either a Full Store Credit to your Zenni account OR a 50% Refund to the original payment method plus shipping, if the order has not yet shipped. They show more of your face than full-rim frames, and are more durable than rimless glasses. Next, you’ll need to input a Near Single or Dual PD (pupillary distance) under the Pupillary Distance dropdown. Just select a standard or gradient lens tint, or choose from our glare-reducing polarized lens selections. If a frame comes in more than one color, you will see the options on the frame’s product description page. If you sent them back for refund or store credit, we will email you when we have processed the refund or the credit. Ordering reading glasses through Zenni is easy! If your doctor didn’t write out a separate reading prescription then you’ll need to calculate it yourself. Simply add this option to your order during the check-out process for $5.95. :"{}|, 24 Greek letters, both uppercase and lowercase (Α-Ω, α-ω). Moss Green mirror: Standard lens tint- Dark Gray or Green with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Gray or Green, or Polarized Gray. Look back in fashion with retro glasses styles from Zenni. PL: Plano. We do not accept insurance. We collaborate often with social media influencers. NOTE: The gift card number will be encrypted for your security. Find a frame that is uniquely you with our zodiac color guide. 3. Zenni’s anti-fog + anti-reflective coating reduces glare and helps prevent your lenses from fogging up. Ordering single vision distance glasses through Zenni is easy! The refund will be issued to the credit card used on the preceding order for which store credit was issued. Here is a list of complementary base tints and polarized lens colors to pair with your mirror coating: Silver mirror: Standard lens tint - Dark Gray with mirror, Gradient lens tint - Gray, or Polarized Gray. If you choose Frame Only when selecting Prescription Type, it will be half the price listed. It’s best to have an optician fine-tune the glasses for you, but you can also make adjustments yourself with our How to Adjust Your Glasses guide. Up to -20.00 or +12.00 on the Sphere (SPH. An eyeglass prescription will usually expire in 1-2 years, depending on which state you received your eye exam. It is an electronic gift card so it is emailed to the recipient email address entered on the order form. standards for a wide variety of products, including safety eyewear. Enter the gift card number and click Apply. Our anti-reflective coating options include: standard, water-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-fog.Anti-reflective coating is applied to both sides of the lenses for most glasses and on the backside of the lenses for premium sunglasses. If you feel there is a manufacturing error, return the glasses for inspection within the 30-day warranty period. Our fashion tints come in various levels of 10-50% darkness. Flexibility: This is a nice feature to have for kids or sports glasses. And most importantly, great prices. Reply. Our Sport Protective Goggles 7435, 7434 and 7433 meet and exceed ASTM F803-19 standards for several sports including: basketball, soccer, badminton and handballThey are also great for outdoor activities such as cycling, skating and running, as well as for active youth or adults who may need eyewear that offers additional strength, padding and protection. The gift card number will be sent to your email address. For a Single PD, if you were only given one PD measurement, it is most likely for distance so you will need to subtract 3 to calculate your near single PD. Need help reading your prescription? You must pay the shipping fee to mail the glasses to us. Our Face Shape Guide features tools to help you discover what your face shape is, as well as links to flattering frames by face shape for men and women. Most of our frames come in one size, but not all. close . No. Mirrored lenses are created with a highly reflective coating that reduces glare by reflecting light away. By submitting text for custom engraving, you must agree that you are the sole or legal owner, or licensee of all rights, including copyright, trademark, trade name, statement, or any other intellectual property included in such design. Can be used for bifocal or progressive glasses, or for single-vision reading or computer (intermediate) vision glasses. A coating that reduces reflection on the lenses. Trivex® lenses are impact-resistant, and are stronger and more lightweight than standard lenses, which make them a great option for kids’, rimless, and sports glasses, or for anyone who is rough on their glasses. While doing this, you will want to make sure that your head is straight on and level, with your pupils clearly visible. If you know what reader power you need, for example, +1.00, +2.50 ,etc. Here is a list of complementary base tints and polarized lens colors to pair with your mirror coating: - Silver mirror: Standard lens tint - Dark Gray with mirror, Gradient lens tint - Gray, or Polarized Gray - Gold mirror: Standard lens tint - Dark Gray with mirror, Gradient lens tint - Gray, or Polarized Gray - Rose Gold mirror: Standard lens tint- Dark Gray or Amber with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Gray or Amber, or Polarized Gray or Amber - Flame Red mirror: Standard lens tint- Dark Green or Amber with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Green or Amber, or Polarized Gray or Amber - Lavender mirror: Standard lens tint - Dark Gray with mirror, Gradient lens tint - Gray, or Polarized Gray or Amber - Indigo Blue mirror: Standard lens tint- Dark Gray with mirror, Gradient lens tint - Gray, or Polarized Gray - Sky Blue mirror: Standard lens tint - Dark Gray or Green with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Gray or Green, or Polarized Gray - Moss Green mirror: Standard lens tint- Dark Gray or Green with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Gray or Green, or Polarized Gray, We offer night driving clip-ons that can easily be made for any frame except our magnetic frames. If this is in the SPH section of an Rx, it means no nearsighted or farsighted correction is needed. Compared with polycarbonate lenses, Trivex® is a premium material that provides crisper vision and is 10% lighter. How long does it take to get glasses from Zenni Optical? New glasses may leave you feeling a bit off-balance, so gradually increase your wear time until you fully adapt. Repeat until you have all the glasses you want to order. Material: You have the choice between metal or plastic. Zenni Optical offers clients glasses they can afford yet make them look elegant. Non-Zenni frames: Some frames have a series of numbers printed on the inside of a temple arm (the part that goes behind your ear). Often the lens width and nose bridge width are 2-digit numbers separated by a square, and a temple arm length is a 3-digit number in front of or behind the others. Flame Red mirror: Standard lens tint- Dark Green or Amber with mirror, Gradient lens tint – Green or Amber, or Polarized Gray or Amber. - Record a video of yourself turning your head side-to-side as instructed. Visit Zenni Optical today to browse our collection of glasses and sunglasses. When you click the button labeled Place Order. Zenni Optical Releases Virtual Try-On Tool to Enhance Shopping Experience for Online Eyewear That's easy! PAL: Progressive Addition (or Adjustment) Lens: sometimes on a Progressive Rx an eye dr. will write two different numbers for the NV-ADD, perhaps +2.25 and +2.50, to increase the reading power in the NV-ADD for Progressive lenses. Z87.1 glasses will be designated with a “Z87-2+” or “Z87+” marking on the frame. Defects in the anti-reflective (AR) coating and photochromic films are warrantied for one (1) year from the date of receipt. All Zenni Optical eyeglasses come with Anti-Scratch Coating and UV Protection Coating that are both absolutely free. Zenni Frames: You will find a frame number that consists of 6 or more numbers which will help you locate the frame on the Zenni website. If you place several orders and contact us within 24 hours, we can combine them under one shipping fee and refund the other shipping fees. Zenni Optical review rated 2.0/5.0: Shoddy work not worth the cheap price. Yes! Shipping time for APO and FPO will be much longer, Express Shipping Estimated Delivery: 7-14 days $15.95, Express Shipping Estimated Delivery: 7-10 days $28.95, 26 English letters, both uppercase and lowercase (a-z, A-Z), Common special characters: ! !OOPS!You have used an email and/or password that does not match our records. Whether you are a fashionista, a mom-on-the-go, or a sensitive customer; enjoy affordable prices when you shop at Zenni Optical using Zenni Optical coupon codes. This means how much the light that enters the lens is refracted (bent) as it passes through the lens. Read 1 more review about Zenni Optical Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Marcus Davis Jr 1 review. Polycarbonate and Trivex® are the only lens choices available for prescription Sport Protective Goggles due to the impact-resistant quality of the lens material. Share. If you wish to change something on your order after 24 hours of placing it, and the order has not yet shipped, you may cancel the order and Standard return options will apply. While these habits may seem harmless, they ultimately can end up damaging your frames. This offer will expire soon, buy … This is because polarized lenses will darken your view of the screen. As stated in the video to order from them you must have a copy … Helpful Links. Sparkle and shimmer in one of this season's must-have colors. Employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives of Sponsor, its licensors and the legal, promotion and advertising agencies (“Promotion Entities”) are not eligible. We received two pairs of glasses with slightly different prescriptions. We have a line of kids plastic flexible frames that are forgiving and durable. Great service. Territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc.). Check out the largest selection of affordable glasses online, including prescription glasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Just log in to your Zenni Optical account and click on Gift Card Status under My Account left navigation. Aspheric lens surface improves visual quality and reduces distortion of the wearer’s eyes as seen by others. Your Rx may be too strong for half-rim or rimless glasses, so full-rim would be your option. It depends on what features you are looking for. Yes! Once you've placed an order for eyeglasses online, your glasses are individually crafted at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and shipped directly to you. We carry the Transitions® brand of photochromic lenses for our 1.50, 1.61, and 1.67 lenses, for both single-vision and progressive glasses. We also offer a 2D try-on feature called Zenni Frame Fit™, for those who just want to upload a picture and get a basic idea of how a frame will look. Find Zenni Optical promo codes here: https://goo.gl/pLcwMt Follow the instructions and you will get a discount on your purchase. Add one of the halves to your SPHs. It can take a few days to adapt to single-vision lenses and 2-3 weeks for progressive or bifocal lenses. Dark lens tints are known for only cutting down the intensity of light. Unused accessories can be returned for a 100% store credit or a 100% refund (both excluding shipping). Debbie Barnett 1 review. Click "Submit your Prescription" and proceed to choosing your preferred lens options such as Blokz (blue light blocking lenses) to provide more comfort when using screens. Raise your glasses to the holiday season with champagne eyeglasses from Zenni. Note: The clip-ons are cut slightly larger than the optical lenses to provide full coverage. Once you put a pair of glasses in the Shopping Cart, click on the Continue Shopping button on the bottom-left of the Shopping Cart page. BAL: the Rx calls for balance lenses, meaning the same Rx for each eye. Unlike regular frames with tinted lenses, our premium sunglasses are made using advanced edging technology. We offer prescription single-vision and progressive lenses in polycarbonate, Trivex® and Blokz™ Trivex® lenses. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement, We need your PD (pupillary distance) to make your glasses. We offer 3 sunglass tints: Dark Gray, Dark Amber, and Dark Green. To compare yourself wearing different pairs, click "TRY ON" on a product listing page, or in your Favorites, for a static front view to see what looks best. If not, you’ll need to measure it yourself. Please try again. Check-out and wait to receive your new pair of readers! BD, BI, BO, BU: a prism correction on your Rx (may be indicated with Δ, and one of these four abbreviations. Uploading a video is easy—the hard part is deciding which frame to buy when you can try on up to 50 frames! Under CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD, click the box next to "Use my gift card/s". Photochromic lenses automatically darken when outdoors or exposed to UV rays. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement, We need your PD (pupillary distance) to make your glasses. It's super easy to order Non-Rx glasses from Zenni Optical. We will be happy to send you replacement nose pads at no charge. Please use the size filter to find the one that best suits you. Next, you’ll need to input a Single or Dual PD (pupillary distance) under the Pupillary Distance dropdown. If you need to return an item, follow the simple steps below: Call, chat, or email us within thirty (30) days of receiving the item to get your return authorization (RA) number. Premium sunglasses are only offered in three lens index options (1.57, 1.61 & 1.67), whereas regular frames with tinted lenses are available in 1.50, 1.57, 1.61, and 1.67. The B stands for base, and it could be base down (BD), base in (BI), base out (BO), or base up (BU). Order online, unisex red full rim tr square eyeglass frames model #2018818. With prices starting at $6.95 for single-vision prescription glasses, you don't have to limit yourself to just one pair when you order glasses online. If you don’t have it already, check out our DIY, See exactly how any frame will look and fit on your face with our 180-degree, You'll need to type in your prescription to complete your order, so have it handy. Within each of these rows are three values: Sphere (SPH), Cylinder (CYL), and Axis. To inquire about working with Zenni, please send a detailed message to socialmedia@zennioptical.com. Approximately 90% of all eye injuries can be easily avoided if wearing appropriate eye protection, like those with ASTM F803 designation. First, indicate that you would like reading glasses by selecting “Single vision” from the Prescription Type drop-down. Frames with magnetic clip-on can be found on the Clip-on Sets page. For glasses to meet the ASTM F803 standard, they need to pass a high velocity impact resistance test, including clarity and strength of the lenses. The shipping fee will be the same for most of the shipping methods, no matter how many pairs of glasses are on an order. If the glasses are found to have a manufacturing defect, we will refund $2.50 of your shipping fee. All lenses are made with hard and anti-reflective coating, along with tinting if specified. The first row is the prescription for the right eye (OD), and the second row is for the left eye (OS). New glasses often need minor tweaks to fit your face right. Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. Do you want a tint to make your glasses into dark sunglasses?- We offer 3 sunglass tints: Dark Gray, Dark Amber, and Dark Green. We also offer Anti-Reflective (also known as Anti-Glare) Coatings, which reduce reflection on the lenses and the glare you see while you are wearing your glasses. We will replace broken frames at no charge during this 30-day warranty period. To receive a replacement order, glasses must be returned in their entirety (frames, lenses, eyeglass case, etc.). You will then select your Prism Horizontal (for Base In/Base Out) and Prism Vertical (for Base Up/Base Down) values in diopters and indicate the direction for each value on your prescription for each eye. (Habla español 5am-9pm PT) Phone Support: 5am - 9pm PT every day (800) 211-2105 (Co-browse with a customer care specialist today) We also now offer Español and Français voice support from 5am - 9pm PT every day. A full list of the countries where we ship glasses is available on the Payment Page. If you made a mistake during the order, or you just don’t like the glasses, you can return them for a one-time-use 100% store credit (excluding shipping), or for a 50% refund (excluding shipping) to the credit or debit card or PayPal account. Check back soon for an expanded selection of lens options, as we add to this category. F803 is the strictest standard for protective eyewear. Zenni Optical Customer Service Phone 1-800-211-2105 Fax 1-415-883-7020 Email: service@zennioptical.com www.zennioptical.com. These numbers are the measurement, in millimeters, of the lens width, nose bridge width, and temple arm length. Please let us know by entering a note in the order referencing the previous order numbers, or by contacting customer service. To order a mirrored sunglass tint, you must first select a standard or gradient base tint, or you can select a glare-reducing polarized lens for premium sun protection. We will work with you to get your damaged glasses replaced with a new pair as soon as possible. - Use a standard card (such as a credit card), and place it against your forehead as instructed in order to make sure the glasses are scaled to the right size (you may skip this step, but we encourage you to do it for best fit). You can also find something similar in any hardware or drugstore. If you know what strength of readers (similar to over-the-counter readers) works best for you, it's easy to turn any pair of Zenni glasses into readers! We can send you an optical screwdriver tool customized with flathead and Philips head screw settings, and with socket-wrench openings, which can be used to tight the screws and nuts that hold rimless frames together. You will enter in the values for each eye in Step 1 of the order process according to the script given by your doctor. You can learn more here. Zenni Optical review rated 1.9/5.0 with Images: Out of the box, the curvature of lens were not symmetrical. To see yourself in glasses, click “TRY ON” on a product detail page, choose the image of yourself, and then move your mouse (or swipe for mobile) left and right on the Try-On image to see yourself from different angles in the frame. Tips on creating the video: - A light or plain background is best, such as a white wall behind you. When the lenses are out of the sunlight, they become clear again. Our anti-reflective coating options include: standard, water-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-fog. Yes, we accept FSA and HSA credit cards. Handy how-to videos and tools to help you get glasses that are perfectly you. Full-rim glasses, especially in the nerd-chic look, are very popular. If you're new to Zenni and received the card as a gift, simply go to Login at the top of the page and create a new account with the email address that was entered as the recipient on the gift card order. Great quality l love my glasses Useful. If you have a strong Rx, a higher lens index number will give you a thinner lens. A special bridge design that fits most faces, including low nose bridges. Visit Zenni Optical today to browse our collection of glasses and sunglasses. then enter the same power for both right and left eye in the box labeled SPH. Under Prescription Type drop-down, pick "Single Vision". Useful. NV-ADD (also ADD): the Near Vision (NV) Reading ADDition correction on a multifocal Rx.

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