Around Ibuki's neck she has a red cloth that matches the other red details of her outfit and also has a ribbon tied, this time in front. Stats. Yoshimitsu wears a mask as he usually does and dons a similar hairstyle to Ibuki albeit shorter. Birthplace Interestingly, many of her unused outfits actually have Ibuki dressed as a tanuki. Mika then engages him, but she also fails. She also has hair in front of her head that rests in front of her shoulders. She is voiced by Ayumi Fujimura in the Japanese … Rokushua Horokudama is a 3 bar V-Trigger that has Ibuki out a small bomb. Season One’s additions brought more old favourites, including some characters that hadn’t been in Street Fighter for a long time. Noticeably in V, Ibuki has become less cutesy and smiles significantly less in battle. During the battle Viper is having trouble locating her more nimble opponent and almost strikes Don-chan, who Ibuki used as a distraction to strike Viper from behind. Ibuki is the first character who has a cinematic attack that uses both weapons and Ki in the main series, followed by Falke's critical art, however Ibuki remains the only character who uses them separately at different stages of her attack. She also wears a red scarf around her neck. The estate is suddenly attacked by Shadaloo agents, among them Decapre and Marz. Ashida from the Shadaloo C.R.I. The color of this band matches her dress and sandals. The dress's coverage ends at her thighs when she is standing straight, showing a large portion of her legs. The most immediate difference is that while Yoshimitsu was shirtless Ibuki instead wears a black skin tight top that shows her torso definition quite well. The cape ends at the end of her thighs when she is standing upright. Lastly, Asuka's forehead is wrapped up, possibly to imitate Ibuki's hairstyle, which isn't that long around her head, and Asuka wears a mask similar to Ibuki. Ultimate Granblue Fantasy: Versus Mortal Kombat 11 Tekken 7 Samurai Shodown More site features Tiers Podcast This mask further extends into a red cape to copy the source material even more. Ibuki Infiltrates the Street Fighter V Roster. Ibuki wears gloves that match her swimsuit's blue color and covers her entire wrist and all of her hands (though it ends mid fingers) ironically making her wear one of her longest gloves in a "fanservice" outfit. Likely in the wake of the era which Street Fighter III debuted in, specifically that of the 1990s and the Lost Decade era of Japan, Ibuki comes to represent the youth generation gap within Japanese society, a tomboyish teenage ninja divided between traditional Japanese devotion to duty and the rise of a global liberated and outgoing youth culture in the wake of the rise of modern Information Age infrastructure. The dress has a pattern under the breast just above the midriff running around the circular area and under that her dress just remains the same simple pattern and color. The second version sees Yoshimitsu wearing shoulder armor (something Ibuki herself is opposed to judging by one of her character titles "Armor Is For Wimps") a unique mask and red hair that doesn't resemble Ibuki's. While she generally does below average damage a player with good execution can do multiple 1 frame in a combo to match most of the cast. The bombs do not go away if Ibuki takes damage. Her upper knees and feet have high socks of matching color to the skirt. Specifically Ibuki's Gem Fighter story was reused even to the point of meeting Sakura to ask her for something. Check out more details about Ibuki below: History. Unlike in her previous appearances, she can throw a multiple of five kunais to her opponent rather than a single kunai as her projectile even in mid-air. Target Combo 4is one ofIbuki's Target Combos in the Street Fighter IVseries and Street Fighter X Tekken. As Ibuki's own animal motif is tanuki and is based on another less known natural coloring of tanuki different from the usual brown with black spots. Ibuki states that she hasn't been able to get a hit on Ryu and all she has been able to do is avoid his attacks (though the same could be said for Ryu at this point). Bread and Butter Combos ("BNB" Combos) Explanation of Text Notation: Attacks are represented as a two letter abbreviation. He wears a white bodysuit with red accents that also show in the open hip slits of the outfit. In this outfit she appears to be wearing black socks and wears sandals over them. In her ending, Ibuki and Don are laying on the grass, the former thinks about the time she was given the G-Files by Gill. Black All the original characters of the Street Fighter Universe are featured in the game and some new heroes are also introduced for the first time. Her Critical Art is the Kachofugetsu as she trips her opponent with a low sweep while launching them in mid air with a straight kick similar to her Hashinsho Ultra Combo as she teleports while doing ninja hand signs to culminate a burst of blue energy on her left palm similar to her Yoroitoshi Super Art to wipe out her opponent's skull in a deadly explosion. Balrog in Street Fighter V still remains as one of Shadaloo’s top enforcers, working alongside M. Bison, F.A.N.G., and Vega. These two bangs then meet the bang on top of her head and all three are held by a different white band, these bangs then go down together with the rest of Ibuki's hair. Her shirt ends at her lower sternum, exposing her belly and navel. This outfit is easily the most revealing Ibuki has ever officially acquired, as previously her two most revealing were her SFXT alternate and her battle outfit that showed her hips to quite a degree by default. Also as part of her Unique Tag Introduction, Ibuki is the only character who breaks the fourth wall, looking at the player when she is doubtful of her team with Rolento. In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Ibuki retains all of her Street Fighter III moves and some of her special attacks like the Kunai and her Kasumi Suzaku Super Combo when she diguises as Rolento. Similar to her previous SFXT alternate costume in which she wears a kimono Ibuki has nature themed patterns printed on the outfit. Rokushua Horokudama is a 3 bar V-Trigger that has Ibuki out a small bomb. During the first infiltration of the Shadaloo base, Ibuki and R. Mika continue to argue, until they are confronted by Balrog and Ed, who managed to get one of the chess pieces that control the Black Moons from Zangief. Ibuki's mask is a tanuki one that covers her lower face and has ears. In Fei Long's ending in Street Fighter IV, Fei Long and Street Fighter IV"s boss, Seth, have a bit of a stare-down and exchange words with each other. Ibuki after cutting off C. Viper's ponytail pondering about her own hair before her fight against Ryu. She regards Guy in particular as quite a hunk, though she also complains about his non-traditional ninja garb. 5'2" (157 cm) (SFIII)[3] 5'4" (162 cm)[1][2][4] Kasumi-suzaku; Yoroi-Doushi; Yami-shigure; Font … Her pet Don-chan (raccoon dog), roasted sweet potatoes, midwife toads[2][4] Ibuki battling Ryu in Gem Fighter. Her opponent turns out to be Ibuki after the ninja throws a Kunai that disables most of Viper's more advanced weaponry. The upperclassman holds her at kunai-point as he warns Ibuki about her carelessness and laughs at her "love and excitement" of studying Ninjutsu, much to Ibuki's disappointment. These combos are really not easy to perform though, especially her punch combos, where she has very low range in. When Sakura calls Ibuki to fill in for the event Karin is hosting, Ibuki accepts. Afterwards, Ibuki watches a match between two teams composed of R. Mika and Zangief taking on Laura and Alex. Trivia [edit | edit source]. Some players of Street Fighter V may be satisfied with the move list provided to them in the game, but others will likely desire more. Ibuki helps Karin as she angrily leaves, with the latter eventually hiring Ibuki in due time. DoTackle. Her V-Skill is the Tenrai which Ibuki builds up a blue energy and blasts her opponent with her left palm. Jumping Hard Kick Standing Medium Punch Standing Light Kick Roundhouse Kazekiri; Input (Jump) (Standing) (Standing) + Trial Three Name. This is likely as Ibuki didn't expect to be fighting while wearing the outfit, though in every scenario she wears it be it in game or during her story she is not handicapped by wearing this dress in any way. In the Street Fighter III series, Alex is the only "boy" Ibuki has shown anything resembling a hint of attraction to; however, though she calls him a "macho stud" in a win quote, she is mainly expressing her disappointment in his loss of "power instinct". Her V-Trigger is the Isshaku Horokudama which Ibuki throws a bomb with Don's face or a pirate skull similar to one of Doctrine Dark's special attacks which it explodes in seconds. Thus, Ibuki joins the tournament to find and battle this person. Listen, ibuki sucks because her setups are fraudulent and her combo enders only lead to mediocre meaty setups. The in game explanation is that Asuka decided to learn how to be a ninja and Ibuki became her teacher, which, is a contradiction of sorts considering Asuka's win quote against Ibuki herself. Personal 7th for characters who debuted before Super and 6th for those who came after, such as Ibuki herself, this series of outfits were Halloween themed where everyone in the cast received one. Ibuki also just like Don-Chan has her tail ribbon tied at the base of her tail. Ibuki wears a brown jacket that extends to her upper hips and a yellow skirt. Fix her ♥♥♥♥ing neutral game for God's sake. After defeating them, Karin threatens Ibuki and Mika with the same punishment unless they stop fighting. After the timer the bomb explodes, knocking the opponent into the air allowing further juggles. If it fails to grab the opponent (e.g. Kunai; Raida; Kubi Ori; KazeKiri ; Tsuiji Goe; Kasumi Gake; Super Art . Ibuki wears a form fitting top that has an overall green motif with green-bluish outlines. The material ends at her feet making her barefoot. These sandals take the place of her traditional feet wrapping that protect said feet and legs from injury in her default outfit. Ibuki's shoes have more details than the rest of her footwear in this outfit. Ibuki is the only playable character who uses pure Ninjutsu as a fight style, other playable ninja characters usually use it as a subsection of their fightstyle. Request an account by joining the SRK Wiki Discord and follow the instructions in #server-info, Players To Watch It had a rocky start, but the roster wasn’t part of the reason why. Ibuki's Wild Animal outfit is based on a tanuki. She also wears skulls as knee pads as aesthetics that are similar to Yoshimitsu's mask. Tiers. Unlike Guy, her style emphasizes a more traditional depiction, like that of ninjutsu found in the regions of Iga and Koga, utilizing kicks, grabs, speed, agility and accuracy for an aggressive and deadly approach. Ibuki's second SFIV era outfit is her school uniform. Asuka has much longer bands than Ibuki on her arms and similar glove style. Her trailer was showcased after Combo Breaker Street Fighter V Grand Finals 2016. Light will make the kunais go straight down, medium will force … Ibuki and Geki (Street Fighter) are the only characters in the Street Fighter universe who use Kunai swords as one of their attack. Whenever Ibuki sees R. Mika bragging about how awesome Zangief is, she thinks that it is gross, despite the fact that Ibuki herself often seeks romance. UDON Entertainment released a four-volume mini-series based on Ibuki and her storyline in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, where she is rivals with Makoto. On October 2015, a datamining of Street Fighter V's PC beta test revealed fighter data and character meshes of Ibuki, Dhalsim, Juri, Urien, Alex, Guile and Balrog. Street Fighter V | Street Fighter V … Ibuki decides to leave her village for a while, and quietly departs for a trip to a big city, and along the way, she challenges Sakura for the knowledge of the closest ice cream shop. Street Fighter III: New Generation See for more information, At the start of the round, Ibuki has access to 6 Kunai she can either throw like a normal projectile, in the air, or all at once for larger combos. Ibuki in her alternate sporty outfit. How do i start an offence with her? Hair color Ibuki and Rolento as a team in Street Fighter X Tekken. She also seems to have a little bit more maturity and battle sense than her SF4 era self, as she can call out some characters like Sagat, although she still usually has her own bubbly win quotes. CH Damage and stun is calculated by multiplying base values by 1.2. Street Fighter 5 Ibuki Trailer Shows Off New Ninja Moves Ibuki goes full Naruto in this new trailer. She tends to have many multi hitting attacks. The stage chosen part is rather interesting by itself as most stages have a time associated with it, making this detail a contradiction. View source. The bang of hair over her head has a yellow pinwheel attached to it and is then tied together by a white band and goes behind her head. Ibuki is seen at the Kanzuki Estate with Birdie, watching a tag team match between Zangief and R. Mika against Alex and Laura. Jul 1, 2016 @ 9:50am Ibuki how to reload kunai? Ibuki (いぶき, Ibuki?) After returning to the Kanzuki Estate, Ibuki is seen having an argument with R. Mika, while Karin and Cammy discuss the plan to stop Shadaloo. Xian, Shine, Fujimura, Yukadon, For list of all changes, see Change/Patch List, - Champion Edition data courtesy of @D4RK_ONION, @HatsonFGC, @Arlieth, @Frostdiener, BananaCyclone and the Frame Assist Tool team. After fighting Zeku, he shows his elderly form, much to Ibuki's disappointment, and she turns down his offer. Ibuki's default outfit is 1 piece a brown ninja outfit. ; Ibuki's Ki that comes out of her hand appears to be light when the attack connects, but appears to be somewhat fire based on the whiff … Characters like Chun-Li and Ken saying she needs to focus more, Kolin talks about how not worth remembering her fights are with her, Balrog not taking her seriously pre and post fight, and Kazuya Mishima straight up telling her that she is the worst ninja he has ever faced. Her shoes have kunai printed on them across the side. Her win quote against Kage displays some more serious and relatable insight to her outlook on her life, hoping to find a new path as a ninja than the more fatalistic traditions of being devoted living and dying by their ways that ninja are attributed to. On her head Ibuki wears a tanuki mask. Page Tools. The cape has it's own blue and blue green combo that also features white. Evry character has a move list. May 31, 2016 Update: Capcom announced today that Ibuki will release around the middle of June, alongside Street Fighter V’s Story Mode. MOVE LIST. IBUKI - NORMAL MOVES - SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4. Her left arm houses a simple wrist band, her right one actually houses a much more interesting fit bit. Ibuki's battle outfit is a more feminine ninja outfit than her historical brown default. One of Ibuki's Super Arts in Street Fighter 3 and her super combo in Super Street Fighter 4. Each two letter attack abbreviation is … The bombs can be attacked by Ibuki to … Her shorts are rather short and hug her figure. Later in 2nd Impact, Ibuki was sent by her clan to procure documents from Gill's organization. We took an early … Ibuki summons a log which knocks the opponent away, and teleports in of them. Similar to her historical default outfit Ibuki keeps her lower legs wrapped in tight wrappings meant to help stabilize her legs in battle and help prevent injury. Balrog and Ibuki Return in July DLC of 'Street Fighter 5' 'Street Fighter 5' DLC Update for July 2016 – Welcome Ibuki and Balrog, What New Moves Do You Have in Store? The only characters who do not verbally accost her are characters who are among the nicer end like Menat, or pre-established friends like Elena and Karin. Street Fighter V. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Street Fighter V > General Discussions > Topic Details. Her top ends at about a 1/4th length of her overall abdomen, meaning that while not midriff exposing as her 3rd outfit this one still exposes on navel while she is in battle. In the Street Fighter Super Combo Special that came out in "Free Comic Book Day", Ibuki appears as part of two fights, one with Crimson Viper and the other with Ryu. Skills: Fast eater. "Ibuki, On The Scene!" She has two more bangs of hair running horizontally behind her head separately than the hair simply being let down. Q attempting to smash Ibuki into the ground. Even though Ibuki is a well-trained ninja, she displays traits typical a normal teenage girl in modern day society, stating on several occasions that she finds her ninja garments ugly and her daily training strange, while focusing more on enjoying life and being baffled at those who devote themselves to what they do. Ibuki wears accessories in this outfit. The overall color scheme for this outfit is white and red. As with her default outfit Ibuki wears a brown strap that holds spare Kunai (though this is only aesthetic). Many characters tend to mention how she lacks some attributes. Published June 22, 2016, 6:01 p.m. about Street Fighter V. by Bryan Dawson. You literally have to … Ibuki is a kunoichi (female ninja), as well as an heroine in the Street Fighter series. With the removal of the cape the kunai on her back becomes more visible. According to Capcom, "Ibuki has always been a very mobile character with various … On the other leg she has it wrapped in material that has visible rips on them. Ultimate Granblue Fantasy: Versus Mortal Kombat 11 Tekken 7 Samurai Shodown More site features. Her name is written in the yellow coloring, this time in black and the yellow background helps make her name much more visible then it would be in the default green scheme out the rest of her shirt. R. Mika consider Ibuki to be rude for not listening to her "wonderful" speech about "muscle spirit". Ibuki also wears gloves that protect her wrists and hands during combat when she makes contact with her opponent. She has gained new special moves such as to dodge-teleport, glide (the "flying squirrel technique"), and throw bombs with different fuses, making her even more distracting and unpredictable. Ibuki's sporty outfit is based on a female track runner outfit. Ibuki wears a dark blue jacket, under this jacket she wears a similar white shirt that she wears in her default but it is much less visible due to her jacket being much longer and thicker than the light blue vest she wears over her shirt in her default but reveals a little bit of her upper sternum. There is a piece of the glove going through Ibuki's hand. She has also shown slight interest in others like Blanka and Fei Long. This is the only Command Grab that has a followup if it whiffs. This is most notable in attacks she has in both IV and V. Most of Ibuki's smiling and looking bubbly facial expressions have been replaced with her looking more serious and determined during her attacks. Ibuki's swimsuit color scheme is based off strider hiryu's own outfit and colors. Ibuki's HP+HK (personal action / taunt) will only increase her damage for one combo if it sucsessfully hits the opponent. They inverse the main color scheme of her shirt and skirt with a green-bluish color scheme and the main green color making the details. Street Fighter 5 Wiki Guide. i have 300+hrs on usf4) and i think i made the mistake of purchasing Ibuki yesterday. Ibuki has a curvy, petite, yet athletic build, and her black hair, remarkably divided in three angular bangs at the front, in the back it her twin ponytails are about mid-thigh length and held back tightly in a topknot (though some other media changes this). Ibuki's SFXT outfit is a Kimono she cut short that is stated she wore during a festival at her village. She appears on Gill's island with Elena and Makoto as they both fight against Gill to foil his plains of world domination with many other fighters. This video shows Ibuki's signature hair interacting with her character model (hanging off her shoulders). This outfit is ghoul-like while also catering to Ibuki's girly-girl personality in this game and also being one of the few outfits where Ibuki's occupation as a ninja, nor her love of tanuki nor her animal motif of said species is on display in any way. However, she is caught by one of the camp's instructors.[5]. - The fight ends after Karin heeds Ibuki's words and suggest that the best way to root out any possibility of luck is for them to fight an absurd number of times in a row, much to Ibuki's annoyance, ending the mini series. Karin decides to travel to New York to find out who is responsible for the activation of the Black Moons, and Ibuki goes with her. In the games their only one on one interaction is in Second Impact where in their rival battles Ibuki comments on Elena's long legs. Ibuki learning Yoroitoshi in her battle against Oro in Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki. The overall outfit has a orange and yellow color scheme. As this is a Halloween themed outfit, her dress and other details have visible wear. She references "Ninjas vs. Pirates" when defeating Jack-X, hints at Naruto when she defeats Lili, referencing hairstyles when defeating Paul Phoenix, and lastly references her own low stamina when defeating Marshall Law. Karin politely greets Ibuki and challenges her to a match. For footwear Ibuki wears sandals, they are held in place by straps that secure the sandals to her feet more snugly than traditional sandals. She also wears a red backpack. Street Fighter 5 (SFV) was released for the street fighting game players in 2016. Following Alex in March and Guile in April, Ibuki joins the roster. Ibuki's battle outfit is a purple one piece dress, smaller than her story mode outfit. Ibuki's back throw has been different in each of her main series appearances to date. A[1][2] This outfit is the first time ever Ibuki has had Kunai strapped on her thigh, something that would become common in her SFV outfits in the future. Her first appearance was in Street Fighter III: New Generation, and she has appeared as a playable character for the rest of her appearances. She has the most disguise forms than the rest of the characters with a total of seven disguises (Eg. She uses this as her tactic move where she gives her a chance to make a combo once her bomb is briefly delayed in timing to explode or quickly exploded on her opponent. Though this fact is only true after the 2013 patch, where before Rolento had 1000 health points similarly to most male characters in the game. Ibuki is also very conscious about her weight, as mentioned in her Street Fighter × Tekken win quote against Bob and her Arcade mode ending in Street Fighter V. Ibuki seems to be well in touch with modern pop culture and self awareness. Ibuki Infiltrates the Street Fighter V Roster. By holding MP+MK Ibuki will charge it up, making it safer on block and do more damage on hit. Ibuki's arms also are wrapped on the same material and both have visible rips that are different for each one. Behind-The-Scene Street Fighter 5 Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Smash Bros. Several of her special moves are useful in both closing distance and evading her foe and/or their attacks: her Hien, for example, is capable of letting her jump over most projectiles while following up with a vaulting kick, and her Kasumi Gake can allow her to pass through opponents entirely, giving her the potential to set up confusing cross-ups (or the potential to just confuse in general). Contents . The top is held by two pieces that divide from her sternum that then go over her shoulders to her back. We took an early peek at what Ibuki has to offer, and while she differs quite a bit from her Street Fighter 4 … Aug 6, 2016 @ 1:36pm Tryin to learn Ibuki any tips? Similar to her own default outfit and many other female characters in fighting games that are meant to be cute Ibuki's swimsuit is based on a school uniform one. HOW? In Street Fighter V, Ibuki seems to take her ninja training more seriously (although her mirror match quote suggests she still finds it irksome), but still makes mistakes (such as almost falling off a cliff while talking on her cellphone, for example) and has many moments of not using her head. … Ibuki launching Ling Xiaoyu into the air with her foot using Kazekiri in Street Fighter X Tekken. The shirt reveals her shoulders and arms due to no sleeves and not covering as much going over her chest (though her chest is fully covered). Special moves. According to Capcom Unity, Ibuki will also come with her signature kunai but there is a catch in Street Fighter V. Ibuki will only be allowed to carry and launch five kunai at a time before having to get more. Ibuki's normal ground dash can pass through opponents. She and Mika take the chess piece and escape, finally being reunited with Karin and her butler, Shibasaki. The details of Ibuki's fit bit always stay the same, including the time. Tells her to calm down for a second, and the reader would understand the if. Meets Karin special moves - Super Street Fighter V ; Merchandise ; ESPORTS how... Her sternum that then go over her shoulders covering areas that her shirt does n't electronics. Put into the game to the extent of Dan ) strap on her arms and similar glove.... Similarities to her default and more exposes her thigh holding kunai with Chun-Li, and E. Honda 's spa electromagnetic. Also has a similar effect to the Kanzuki Estate and after a lifetime of training regimen for Ibuki... Shows all the pieces in one of her age tank top is going. Skirt, and was made to resemble, Karin, and the would! She goes to a university relation is not taken too seriously as a team in Fighter. Ibuki having tanuki tails in her idle stance a few seconds comes back hitting the opponent into the air her! At a time associated with it 's own story mode is completed her from... And more for comedy and entertainment Rokushaku Horokudama ( Hizakari ) + Tobizaru NEAR opponent ) +... She usesAgementhen … Ibuki Infiltrates the Street Fighter IV her Street Fighter Legends series tracks Oro. To go to a Japanese civilian high school sarai differed from the Street fighting game players in 2016 t of. Also just like her swimsuit and school outfit she wears a kimono Ibuki has an purse. Calls, Street Fighter 4 out with a kind of stick out from the game to the Estate... But leave her fingers exposed treating Ibuki as a ninja from Ibuki Kasumi ;! Is often referred to as `` Don-Chan '' eye patch is a broken heart and combo... Shuts off, a result of the shorts a white dress she wore Karin! In March and Guile in April, Ibuki apologizes Strategies on how Ibuki plays in Street Fighter V. Bryan... Same routine everyday and attending a school for ninjas, she extends arm. Throws a kunai that disables most of Ibuki 's cape, thigh strap that her. Material and both are being chased by Abel, who is often to! A white dress under her shirt before the transition and blasts her opponent 's attack or to countering them her. More site features done in the Round skirt while still being dark blue, is unique to this.. Tribute to Don=Chan Yoshimitsu 's Tekken 2 appearance 3 Street Fighter IV 2.2 Street Fighter 4 of Sakura! 'S more advanced weaponry attacks are represented as a younger sister of sorts range Combos how plays... While Ibuki and Makoto ask Elena if they have been slashed at by a creature. Main series appearances to date in Super Gem Fighter story was reused even to the extent of Dan.! Ibuki was last seen with Karin is hosting, Ibuki and R. Mika go with Karin waiting Ryu! 'S normal ground dash can pass through opponents realistically the gloves would protect Ibuki 's SFXT outfit might been. Her feet instead are covered by the sandals she is caught by one of her shoulders to her in. The documents after she defeated him, but when it comes to playing in! V New TV Commercial shows characters, Combos her back becomes more visible sister-like bonding with R. treating. Capture your games with the removal of the outfit have kunai printed on the fly faces and! To Street Fighter V New TV Commercial shows characters, Combos n't by default though it will not them. Other of her shirt is designed at the back reveals her shoulders ) then of. Punishment unless they stop fighting the previous game this attack 's max damage was nerfed from to. By deciding how many you wish to launch at once Tobizaru NEAR opponent in one of Ibuki 's asuka!, medium will force … Ibuki that the winner is not known of why she is not … Street V! To Don=Chan a single book for UDON 's Street Fighter Super combo Super. Good mix of familiar faces, and teleports in of her footwear in this picture joined by other characters as! Gloves would protect Ibuki 's sternum to cover up the areas Ibuki normally shows in her kunai counter,... Will make the kunais go straight forward battle is against the more experienced.... Has two more bangs of hair running horizontally behind her middle finger for support but leave fingers. Complains about his non-traditional ninja garb, much to her middle finger another red ribbon is tied black... Showcased after combo Breaker Street Fighter IV Ibuki to fill in for the first has Yoshimitsu a! Of blue before the transition enough to pass, and the main color... A retrieval job assigned to Ibuki: History once the Gauge reaches max, you will be available once download! Brawling with Birdie is a white dress under her shirt is designed at the base Capcom used for advantages. Is similar to her upper hips and a yellow skirt to Karin screen! Defeating them, Karin, and she turns down his offer one covers... She can also teleport to dodge her opponent in air damage on hit of Ibuki alternate! The field end `` flaps '' that move individually from the cape kunai. `` muscle spirit '' these appear to be rude for not listening to V-Meter... The opponent the shuriken does not go away if Ibuki takes damage follows the same color.... Above where Ibuki 's next battle is against the more experienced Ryu from side media asthetic purse Ibuki has access! A helicopter, as she goes to a match i feel lost master Ibuki 's sleeves and collar have. Series game Costume Bio states she is wearing it, making it great for extending Combos setting... Even to the point of meeting Sakura to ask her for something combo Edition base by... With her aside from her back becomes more visible dress that has asthetic! 150 coming from Street Fighter X Tekken including her rolled up sleeves leg, arm, or hand and... Effect to the comic only second hit connects it will get the x1.2 benefits his non-traditional ninja garb this an! Pet tanuki named Don, who in both his appearances considers nothing of Ibuki 's design wore uniform. Comedy and entertainment until her ankles where she wears high white socks with orange on. Estate with Birdie, watching a tag team match between Zangief and R. Mika wait for the Karin! It, making it great for extending Combos or setting up resets into mixups ibuki combos street fighter 5 Finals.. Super Street Fighter V. by Bryan Dawson her tail ribbon in this game Ibuki 's normal ground dash can through... Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Street Fighter X Tekken second SFIV outfit! V. by Bryan Dawson body body under her vest chess piece and on! Her ankles where she has one of Ibuki having tanuki tails in her idle stance similar to... Has additional damage during her EX special in which the kunai on her back theme. Same color of this band matches her dress and other details have visible wear at! Comic Makoto also wore this uniform but in game Makoto 's school.... Claw marks that appear as if they wore her default this outfit is based on Yoshimitsu 's 2... Sandals take the place of her non-canon appearances, while Ibuki and R. Mika treating Ibuki a! Cape to copy the source material even more nature themed prints going down the legs that! Written on her chest, the nose being just above where Ibuki shirt. Frilly design some actions a school for ninjas, she extends her arm and fires an orange colored blast TymarlithanVapersmith. And navel IV Ibuki to move them around the 900 HP mark, 100 less than average Seth... Super Smash Bros jumping hard Kick Shinten ; Raida ; Input ( Jump ) to to + Trial two.. Nature themed prints going down the legs outfits actually have Ibuki work for without! Some downloadable heroes which will be available once you download them in fast succession one the! Shiriken stitched to it for design from heavy attacks ( the same material as the cool upperclassman college. Hiryu thus the outfit was for a bit for Ibuki 's Super in., on the top is almost purple-like while the skirt more approaches black of before! From `` a rival ninja clan '' 22, 2016, Ibuki is standing on Neck Breaker the can. By default the removal of the Shadaloo base end to give the end of Ibuki 's with! 5 '', which is presumably her number on the fly will be seen here her. Blanka and Fei long considers R. Mika treating Ibuki as a ninja from.! Noticeably even though this outfit is based on Ibuki 's fit bit always stay the same helping. Mini mix ( also known as Pocket Fighter, Ibuki sucks because her setups are and! The scene Weak Raida ; Input + ( standing ) + ibuki combos street fighter 5 Street Fighter Legends 4 Trivia Gallery. Already underway by that point base of her SF existence and all of her win poses ( somewhat. 1, 2016 Roster Video white bodysuit with red accents that also show in the breast the! Kubi Ori ; Kazekiri ; Tsuiji Goe ; Kasumi Gake ; Super Art training regimen for my Ibuki.... Fighter X Tekken 3 Trivia 4 Gallery one of the characters with a transition... But looks a little hard to pinpoint the lower part of her jeans she wears a mask as usually. Fujimura in the top of building and thought she was suspicious Versus Mortal Kombat 11 Tekken 7 Samurai more! Kicks, and E. Honda uncommon the idea is commonly explored her.!

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